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This is so intense Carol. Thank you for sharing this level of detail, and your emotional reflections on it. What a valuable read.

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At 2 months shy of 49, I had a planned C-section to welcome my babe into the world. My age was never mentioned, but when I pushed back early on in pregnancy about my OB’s insistence I learned that it was due to the myomectomy I’d had 6 years prior that may have compromised the strength of my uterine wall. He said there was a 1/10 chance I could rupture during labor, putting my and my baby’s life at risk. And so right then I was immediately ok with a C-section and never loathed my medical birthing or mourned the loss of a vaginal birth. I allowed it to be a beautiful birth, yes under lights though they dimmed them upon my request. Yes with beeps and IV drip and medications and folks I just met. And I am so grateful for them all, for putting him on my chest right away, for gently guiding him to latch right away while I held him in awe. I will never forget all of the people that helped bring my son into the world that day that was planned months and months in advance. The universe still played its usual part.

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